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What factors affect the marking depth of the pneumatic marking machine?


The marking needle of the pneumatic marking machine can print accurate characters or graphics, and different sizes of the marking needle can be selected for different marking characteristics. When the printing depth request is less than 0.1mm, the small needle should be selected(dia2mm); when the printing depth request is 0.1mm-0.3mm, the medium needle should be selected; when the printing depth request is more than 0.3mm, the large needle and different size needles should be selected , the marked text symbols have different sizes, the small needle line is the thinnest, the medium size is moderate, and the large size is the biggest. When choosing different marking needles, the size of the air pressure should also correspond. Usually, the small marking font is small, and the required air pressure is also small. According to the size of the needle, increase the air pressure.