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What should be paid attention during the operation of laser marking machine?


The following points should be paid attention to when operating the laser marking machine:


1. Do not put your hand under the laser when engraving to avoid injury;


2. Before engraving, try to engrave with a test sample. When engraving the serial number, it must be carefully checked, and then engrave to ensure that it is correct;


3. Make sure that the marking machine is turned on and off normally, and the power supply cannot be turned off suddenly.

Generally the order is: turn on the power → turn on machine → work normally → turn off the machine → turn off the power;


4. Remove the protective cover of the laser head before turning on the marking machine.

When the marking head is turning on, do not put anything under the laser head to avoid being burned;


 5. After usage, turn off the computer, turn off the marking machine, and cover the instrument carefully.


When using the laser marking machine, everyone must abide by the precautions, so as to ensure the good operation of the machine and prolong the service life of it. When using the marking machine, it is also necessary to do the daily maintenance of the machine.