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Professional interpretation of working principle of fiber laser marking machine


Fiber laser marking machine is mainly composed of fiber laser, the vibration lens, field lens, marking card of several parts, the fiber laser can provide the laser light source, through the optical fiber expanded into the XY scanning galvanometer mirror, by marking the combination of software and laser scanning galvanometer and control, on the workpiece engraved permanent words or patterns.

The effects of laser marking machine include the following three:

1. Through the evaporation of laser (light energy) on the surface of the target material and expose the deep layer of the material;

2. Through the laser (light energy) to make the surface material chemical, physical changes, and "engraved" the required pattern text;

3. Through the laser (light energy) burn part of the material, so as to show the required etching pattern, text.

In simple terms, the working principle of fiber laser marking machine is roughly like this: it is controlled by marking system, using fiber laser to generate laser, laser oscillates through the galvanometer, and then converging through the field mirror, and finally the laser beam acts on the surface of the workpiece to achieve marking on the workpiece.