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What are the factors that affect the laser marking effect?


1, the quality of the laser directly determines the performance and stability of the equipment. Good laser spot small, high energy, good beam quality, long life, high stability. Poor quality laser will may appear light leakage or even no light phenomenon. 
2, the speed of the galvanometer directly affects the speed of laser coding. Good galvanometer speed can exceed 10m/s, no deflection, and the ordinary galvanometer can reach 7m/s speed is already the limit, the higher the speed of the galvanometer means the faster the laser coding speed. 
3, the quality of the lens also determines the efficiency problem. In theory, the larger the lens size, the more problems can be solved at one time, but the larger the lens size, the higher the laser power required, the larger the spot, in fact, the smaller the spot quality in the working process, the better the work efficiency is higher, so the price difference between the talent lens and the ordinary lens is greater. 
4, software is an important operating core. Software control and coding directly affect the efficiency of laser coding, such as two-dimensional code coding, in addition to the lens, galvanometer factors, software is crucial.
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