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What is the use of laser marking machine?


Laser marking machines are famous for their laser oscillators. We have fiber laser oscillators that generate 1.06μm laser beams, UV laser oscillators that generate 0.355μm laser beams, CO2 laser oscillators that generate 10.6μm laser beams. UV lasers convert fundamental laser light to one-third wavelength through nonlinear optical crystals. Fiber lasers are known for their high efficiency ingenerating electricity, and they are very compact due to the principle of oscillation. Fiber lasers are more suitable for processing metals than UV and CO2 lasers.UV lasers are affected by laser wavelength conversion and can perform fine processing with low thermal effects on materials with high absorption at these wavelengths, but operating costs may be high. UV laser marking is perfect for plastics. CO2 lasers are more easily absorbed by transparent materials because their wavelengths are longer than fiber lasers and UV lasers, making them ideal for marking on glass or other transparent materials. CO2 lasers are ideal for use with PVC, paper, rubber, glass and wood.