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mini portable laser marking machine for metal

mini portable laser marking machine for metal

mini portable laser marking machine for metal LYL Mini Serial 20w 30w 50w portable fiber laser marking device is the new laser engraver by Luyue CNC, with small size, compact design,and lightweight, make the machine is less occupied and easy transportation with less cost of freight. The small marker also with fast speed, high electro-optic conversion efficiency, stable out put power and high reliability, long life, maintenance-free within 100,000 hours, operated in 24 hours and severe working condition, and suitable for all metallic parts and part of plastic marking, So, with all these advantage, make the laser marker to be a amazing marking tool, whether you are at a workshop,at home or on a job site, very suit for industrial Nameplate marking as well as DIY operation at home or works......

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Luyue is a professional 50w-mini-laser-marking-machine-for--nameplate manufacturers and suppliers in China. If you are interested in 50w-mini-laser-marking-machine-for--nameplate which is factory directly sell, easy-operation, easy-maintainable, we will give you the low price. Can you deliver your latest selling 50w-mini-laser-marking-machine-for--nameplate on time? Yes, for the reason that we track it in real time from the start of shipment to the delivery of the equipment.
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