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Advantages of laser marking


Industries in which laser marking is used: Mechanical engineering, electronics and semiconductor industry, medical technology, automotive industry, plastics processing, in the marking of watch parts, ball bearings, etc.
1.Simple, direct, permanent: Laser markings are applied directly to the workpiece without special carrier materials or pre-treatments. The markings are immediate and permanent. This means that the laser marking does not wear away.
2.100% digital: The content of the laser marking is 100% digital, just like a printer. This makes the process ideal for customer-specific, flexible or dynamic content.
3.Contactless: With laser marking, even with deep engravings with high laser power, no force is exerted on the material to be processed. This saves any fixed clamping and is therefore 100% reliable, as nothing can break, jam or dry out.
4.Wear-free and low maintenance: Marking lasers are contactless, which means they are practically wear-free and require little maintenance. A fiber laser lasts an average of 20,000 operating hours.
5.Minimal marking costs: As laser marking doesn’t require any consumables during operation, typical marking costs for a data plate are between 0.15 and 0.23 cents depending on the type of laser.
6.Precise labeling with consistent quality: Thanks to the high precision of laser marking, even delicate graphics (e.g. logos), 1-point fonts or very small geometries can be clearly legible on the material. Laser marking guarantees consistent results.
7.Laser marking at top speed: Laser marking is one of the most time-saving marking processes on the market. It increases productivity and reduces production costs. Depending on the processing material, different types of laser (e.g. fiber laser, CO2) and laser machines (e.g. Galvo laser or flatbed laser system) are used for laser marking.
8.Robust marking with minimal impact on the material: Depending on the laser parameters used, markings can also be implemented on certain materials without damaging the surface of the material.

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