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Development history of marking machine



Today I would like to introduce you about the develop of Dot Marking Machine.

Marking machine is to design good graphics, text, product serial number, trademark and so on through appropriate technological means to mark the surface of the product. Depending on the process, the labeling can be classified as permanent or removable.

As a leader in the marking and marking industry, Oswald Mark Systems Co., Ltd. has a history of half a century. In 1968, her predecessor was founded in Sweden, is the world's electrolyte marking machine inventor, with the development of the company, in the 1970s, from Sweden to Germany Zolingen; Subsequently, the company has developed pneumatic needle marking machine, inkjet marking machine and laser marking machine, forming a full series of marking system research and development, production and sales system, and developed environmental protection durable electrolyte and high-quality marking template, the marking industry has been the world's unanimous praise. In 1973, TELESIS developed the world's first pneumatic marking machine; in 1984, TECHNIF of France developed the world's first hand-held pneumatic marking machine. 
At present, the application of marking technology in industry is being gradually paid attention to. Various new marking systems emerge in endlessly, which are replacing the traditional marking method with its unique advantages. Such as: stamping, printing, chemical corrosion, etc., in a variety of mechanical parts, electronic components, integrated circuit modules, instruments, meters, motor nameplates, tools and even food packaging and other objects on the surface, marked Chinese characters, English characters, numbers, graphics, etc., so as to achieve a wide range of applications in these fields. Some developed countries in the world have developed and promoted this technology as an industrial process. Now it has caused more and more manufacturers attention, to inject new vitality into the production of products.
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