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Advantages of electric dot peen marking machine?


Today Luyue CNC discuss with you about the dot peen marking machine advantages.

Electric dot peen marking machine uses electromagnetic energy instead of pneumatic high-frequency micro impact lattice printing, revolutionary saving of air source, while greatly reducing the printing noise, printing without splashing metal dust; Printing accurate positioning,dot peen marking machine works with fast speed; Adopt imported linear bearing and synchronous belt drive mode to enhance printing stability and improve printing accuracy; Innovative design and manufacture of titanium alloy needle, the printing effect is smooth and beautiful. Can be widely used in automobile body, sheet metal parts, nameplate and other need beautiful effect, no air source, low noise work occasions, dot peen marking machine especially suitable for aluminum, copper, electroplated parts, anodized parts and other high-grade products exquisite marking.

The most prominent feature of electromagnetic marking signage needle printer is only electric drive without air source, electromagnetic marking method instead of pneumatic high-frequency micro impact dot matrix coding, can greatly reduce the noise of coding work, needle printing machine without splashing metal dust, innovative design and manufacture of titanium alloy needle, printing effect is smooth and beautiful, marking form no noise, beautiful environmental protection.

Electric needle printer is suitable for printing trademarks, technical parameters, numbers, dates, names and other contents on all kinds of product signs, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal signs, PVC plastic, adhesive, leather and other special signs. The printing traces of needle printer are concave words, which are characterized by standard font, neat arrangement, accuracy, beautiful appearance, formal, elegant grade. The whole sign printing without deformation, conducive to installation, writing corrosion resistance, wear resistance, durable and reliable writing.

But for a large scale of dot peen marking machine,if you wanna get more information about how how to choose a suitable model for your objects please contact Luyue CNC engineers.