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What are the advantages of laser machine coding marking in the food industry?


Laser marking machine is widely used in many industries. In order to have better labeling and identification,With the improvement of people's living standards and health awareness, the source of food safety issues more attention. Laser food marking machines are reliable and efficient equipment that provide food and packaging companies. of course, in the current use, the food industry can often see various kinds of words and patterns on the packaging bags. So what are the requirements of the food bag laser coding machine? How to ensure the stable use of inkjet printer?

1, suitable for a variety of material coding

Food bag laser coding machine application, of course, should be able to meet the needs of a variety of packaging materials. There are various packaging materials in the food industry, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles and various plastic bags. There are different coding effects for different materials, so the requirements for coding machines are becoming higher and higher. Therefore, the laser coding machine with high precision and high tuning can meet the coding needs of different materials, choose the right model, in order to provide high quality, high clarity coding effect.

2, in line with the corresponding quality of the code

The code on the coding bag of food bags has a very high requirement for quality. Generally, the coding content includes the production date, batch number, name and so on, which requires a high-definition coding to identify. According to the coding requirements on different bags, the galvanometer of the laser coding machine will be different. The selection of laser coding machine should ensure that it can provide high-definition contrast, clarity, and can be flexibly adjusted according to coding needs, so as to provide more textured laser coding effect selection.

3, meet the processing speed of the code marking
The technical requirements of the laser machine for food bags coding are still quite high. In fact, the food industry is to realize the laser coding marking  processing of the assembly line. The requirement for speed is usually very high, and the production capacity is relatively large, which requires the laser marking machine to improve the processing speed. Generally, the speed should be adjusted according to the needs of different production lines to improve the efficiency of coding.