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Several commonly used fiber laser marking machines and characteristic


Fiber laser marking machine is mainly used for marking metal materials and some hard non-metallic materials with high ignition point.

The customers first time purchase laser marking machine (namely: laser cutting machine, laser machine, radium carving machine) , almost will shop around, before customers consult LuYue CNC Equipment company, early may have consulted many other companies, mostly directly ask me: "10W or 20W or 30W fiber laser marking machine how much is a? When it comes to this kind of question, I always consult customers: "What material is it mainly used for? What is the maximum size of the product? What is the maximum size of the content marked? Are there depth requirements? Are there any color requirements? What are the accuracy requirements? Static marking or dynamic marking? What is the level of automation required? Wait..." Because, the material is different or the material purity is different or the marking effect is different, the type of laser marking machine used will be different, it is possible that fiber laser marking machine is not suitable for your products. As long as you before the purchase of the machine, clearly tell Luyue CNC Equipment company consulting parameters, Luyue CNC professional salesmen will recommend the right equipment for you, and give you free proofing. If the standard machine, can not meet your requirements,Jinan Luyue CNC has a professional R & D team, will be tailored for you to meet your requirements of a non-standard laser marking machine.
Now that it comes to fiber laser marking machine, Lu Yue numerical control will briefly introduce the fiber laser marking machine produced by Jinan Lu Yue numerical control: Lu Yue optical fiber machine, standard machine has 7 kinds of styles, each style has its own characteristics:
1, portable laser marking machine: portable design, small size, easy to move, can use any office computer for drawing and marking.

2, handheld laser marking machine: compact size, easy to move; The laser head can be hand-held, especially suitable for marking products that are not convenient to move, and can be used for drawing and marking with any office computer.

3, desktop laser marking machine: desktop design, compact size, easy to move; Can use any office computer for drawing and marking.

4, online laser marking machine: can be connected to the rotary encoder, real-time detection of the speed of the assembly line, to ensure high-speed marking effect; Flight marking software, mainly configured in line marking.

5, desktop fiber laser marking machine: The machine is larger and heavier, mainly placed in a fixed position, the working table is large, can mark some larger workpiece, more convenient than small operation, laser power has 10W, 20W, 35W, 50W, 80W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W, but also according to the specific requirements of customers to increase the function of visual system automatic capture marking position, To achieve rapid marking on the assembly line.
6, trolley table fiber laser marking machine: This marking machine can be moved freely, convenient to mark at any place.

Summary: portable laser marking machine, handheld laser marking machine, desktop laser marking machine, trolley type desktop laser marking machine belongs to the small type, the whole machine lightweight, easy to move, control motherboard and marking software is Jinan Luyue CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. independent research and development, easy to customize and maintenance; Desktop laser marking machine, the whole machine is relatively large, suitable for placing in a fixed place, the work table is large, marking processing is more convenient; On-line laser marking machine is mainly configured in line marking. It can be customized with different power and configuration according to customer requirements.