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How to choose laser marking machine Chapter One


Choose laser marking machine as we usually buy things, the best is not necessarily the most expensive, the most expensive is not necessarily the most. Let Ji 'nan LuYue CNC to tell you about the purchase of laser marking machine some skills: 

First, the laser source of the marking machine first confirm their product material, because different materials absorb laser degree is not the same, affect the degree of light absorption determined by the wavelength of the laser, different laser wavelength is named as different laser source, therefore, for different materials, to choose different laser source. 
Fiber laser marking machine, wavelength 1064nm, main application fields: hardware, plastic, label paper, etc.; 

Carbon oxide laser marking machine (CO2 laser marking machine), wavelength 106μm, the main application fields: bamboo, cloth, ceramics, acrylic, leather, etc.; Principle: CO2 gas filled human discharge tube is used as the laser medium, when high voltage is applied to the electrode. The glow in the discharge tube can make the gas molecules release the laser, and the laser energy will be amplified to form a laser beam for material processing. 

UV laser marking machine (UV laser marking machine), wavelength 355nm, the main application fields: silica gel, UV plastic, paper X, glass and other thermal sensitive materials; The wavelength of green laser marking machine is 532nm. The main application fields are: film, fruit, egg, paper box, reinforced glass and other hot materials.
Can a material only be sculpted with one laser source? Of course not, some material words with a variety of laser sources, but the laser absorption of the band is not the same, the effect of early show is good or bad, see the user's acceptance. For example: glass engraving can be carbon dioxide, ultraviolet, green light three laser sources, the effect: 

Carbon dioxide laser marking machine - glass is rough, easy to produce glass slag; 

Uv laser marking machine - cold light source, glass marking is very Accurately and Symmetrical.
Green laser marking machine - glass engraving, internal plane engraving. 

Lu Yue CNC remind you: determine what laser suitable for their own products, the need for specific samples specific test, see the final effect of the decision. The most important is: Marking Samples!!!