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Pneumatic marking machine some main characters and application


It has only been a few decades since TELESIS developed the world's first pneumatic marking machine in 1973. The application of marking machine has been rapidly involved in various fields, and now almost all products need to use marking machine. So today Lu Yue CNC talk about the machine marked with what kind of role and application field. 

With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, every commodity in circulation needs to indicate the production date, shelf life and other relevant information. Packaging is the carrier of information, and labeling is the way to achieve it. Marking machine is a machine that adds labels to packages or products. It not only has a beautiful effect, but more importantly, it can realize the tracking and management of product sales, especially in the pharmaceutical, food and other industries. If there is any abnormality, it can accurately and timely start the product recall mechanism. Marking machine is an indispensable part of modern packaging. 

1.1 Introduction of pneumatic marking machine 

Pneumatic marking machine is computer controlled printing needle in X, Y two-dimensional plane according to a certain trajectory of motion at the same time, the printing needle under the action of compressed air to do high-frequency impact motion, so as to print a certain depth of marks on the workpiece. 

1.2 pneumatic marking machine main characteristics 
Large depth, through the computer direct marking output, marking neat and clear; The printing needle is used to move according to the trajectory of the edited character or figure, and the high pressure gas is controlled to impact the printing needle at high frequency to form a character or figure composed of dense dot matrix on the workpiece surface. It can mark any characters, graphics, trademarks, patterns, etc., has the characteristics of: fast marking speed, no special requirements for marking materials; Strong anti-interference ability, can work in harsh environment; Using gas as power source, low production cost, no pollution; Especially suitable for the assembly line occasion requiring faster speed, has a good future in our development. 

1.3 Main application scope of pneumatic marking machine 
1. Print the serial number, name, trademark and production date of engine, piston, body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, engine, cylinder and other parts of automobile and motorcycle; 

2. Add rack number printing for electric vehicles, bicycles and motorcycles; 
3, all kinds of goods, vehicles, equipment products sign printing; 
4, all kinds of mechanical parts, machine tools, hardware products, metal pipes, gears, pump bodies, valves, fasteners, steel, instruments and meters. Mechanical and electrical equipment and other metal marking; Plastic products.

Next week Luyue CNC will discuss the next chapter of Pneumatic marking machine application 2.