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How to choose laser marking machine Chapter Two


Today let Luyue CNC continue talk about how to choose laser making machine from 2 aspects; power and main hardware of the laser marking machine

Power of the laser marking machine 

Laser power is sometimes the key to speed and effect, different laser sources have a most stable power X circle: 
Fiber laser marking machine 20W/30W power is the most stable; 
CO2 laser marking machine 30W power is the most stable; 
Uv laser marking machine 3W/5W power is the most stable; 
Green laser marking machine 3W/5W power is the most stable. 
The choice of the right power first depends on the material of the product, such as UV engraving paper X, film, plastic, with low power 1.2W marking can also be, if the engraving glass needs UV 3W, or even 5W power to engraving. 
The second look at the efficiency, such as hardware generally with optical fiber 20W marking, if the pursuit of efficiency, speed, with optical fiber 30W high power of course more efficient. 
Of course,what the power is the most suitable,Luyue CNC recommends to do sample testing, to see the effect and marking time.

The main hardware structure of laser marking machine: 
1. Laser source
The laser source is the core of the laser marking equipment, installed in the equipment housing case. In the past years fiber laser source imported with good output mode and long service life. In recent years, the technology of the domestic laser industry is becoming mature, the life of the laser source can be comparable to the imported, but if the users have high accuracy requirement for the laser machine,can request manufacturer fro providing domestic&imported laser source optional;according to requirement and cost choose the Chinese well-known brand JPT source or America IPG. 

2. Laser galvo-head 
The laser galvo-head is also the core parts of the laser marking machine, which is mainly used in the fast and accurate positioning. The accuracy of the marking machine is depend on performance of the galvo-head. 
High speed laser galvo-head system is necessary . The laser wavelength is different, and the laser scanning galvanometer also needs to match the optical fiber galvanometer, CO2 galvanometer, ultraviolet galvanometer (355 galvanometer), and green galvanometer (532 galvanometer).

If any questions about Laser Marking Machine please contact Lyue CNC, we will give full explanation to you.