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The Smallest Handheld Pneumatic Pin Marking Machine In Marking Machine Market


Today Luyue CNC Equipment will introduce our the smallest model of handheld pneumatic pin(peen)marking machine, I mean as same marking area,our model LYQD-SC1503A is the only one smallest marking machine in the market, the marking machine headsize only 22*18*8cm , the size simliar with your hand, and the weight is 2.6kg, it’s very easy to take it and hold working for a long time.

Main technical performance of Marking Machine
1. Marking range: 80mm × 30mm,120mm x 30mm 
2. Product model: LYQD-SC1503A 
3. Marking speed: 1-6 characters / second, 
4. Marking depth: 0.1-1.2mm, depending on the hardness of the material; 
5. Marking position: plane of workpiece (two-dimensional, three-dimensional) 
6. Marking content: English, numbers, punctuation, Chinese, graphics, two-dimensional code, barcode, etc .; 
7. Marking Marking function: It can automatically print the production serial number (the number that increases regularly); VIN code, production date, etc. 

8. Control method: human-machine

9. Material hardness requirements: HRC≤75: 
10. Marking Machine weight: Marking Head about 2.6kg, total weight 15kg. 
11. Marking Machine head size: 22cm*18cm*8cm.Equipment using conditions: 
1. Voltage: 220V ± 10%, 50HZ; (two-phase power) 
2. Compressed Air source: 0.2-0.6Mpa, dry and pure; 
3. Ambient temperature: 0-40 °C; 
4. Overall power: ≤400W; the power of the marking machine is about 150w, plus the controller, the overall power of the controller will not exceed 400W 
Work Principle: 
The computer controls the marking Machine needle to move in the X, Y two-dimensional plane according to the trajectory of the graphic characters edited by the computer. At the same time, the marking Machine needle performs high-frequency impact motion on the workpiece under the action of compressed air, thereby forming a corresponding on the workpiece. Graphic characters 

Marking Machine advantages: 
1. The basic part of the marking Machine head is made of precision molds. The overall processing performance is good, which ensures the high movement accuracy of the marking machine head and makes the marking characters beautiful. 
2. The marking machine head adopts imported linear motion guide rails, self-lubricating and self-sealing and dust-proof, which ensures the marking head movement has minimal wear, and makes the marking machine run stably for a long time with high accuracy. 
3. Our company's pneumatic marking machine adopts imported pneumatic components,using American MAC high-speed Solenoid Valve , with a service life of up to 120 million times; 

4. Our company's pneumatic marking machine uses high-speed powder metallurgy steel made in Sweden. The unique heat treatment process makes the needle hardness as high as HRA92, which can print 600,000 characters, and can be used after grinding. 
5. Guide Rail: Taiwan Hiwin. characteristics: high precision, low operating noise.