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How does laser marking machine mark on curved surface?


Today Luyue CNC Equipment will details how the Laser marking machine mark on curved surface. The laser making machine technology takes the current configuration of the x/v galvanometer and applies it to the Z axis. The laser beam extender, which is usually fixed to the output of the laser optical path, is mounted on a sliding electronic galvanometer to move the lens further or closer to the laser output. As the laser beam expanding mirror moves towards the laser output, the laser beam focus moves with it. In effect, this creates a Z-axis field in which the laser is free to mark any surface provided that the surface is within +21mm of the original focus position. This increased flexibility allows the units to mark many previously untractable surface types, such as cylinders, spheres, bevelines, and multilayer parts, with no loss of accuracy or speed.

The laser marking machine three-axis control technique described above may have applications in other industrial material processing, such as cutting sprue for injection molding parts, frying rubber wrapped thick cables, and precisely cutting a wide range of patterns into fabric or thin plastic sheets.

The laser marking machine three-axis control technology is still new to the market and is just beginning to inspire imaginative solutions to manufacturing problems. Increased production capacity, precision marking over large areas, and the ability to mark on uneven surfaces are just a few of the ways in which the three-axis laser is improving efficiency and reducing costs. The potential application opportunities are practically unlimited.

Button marking refers to laser marking on the uneven panel, which is very used in auto parts, facing the same question. Once upon a time, many of us do not take the buttons used in our cars every day. The impact of auto parts, navigation buttons and volume radio dispatch buttons have been inkjet marking methods, but with the increase of time, these buttons will appear wear and tear, a little and even invisible, which is very unfortunate for the safety and beauty of the car. Auto parts suppliers hope that laser marking function is used to mark buttons, marking on the surface of the button is very useful, but it is necessary to have a fine control system talent to complete this function, because many buttons on the car panel with small arc, degree. Therefore, it is necessary for the laser marking console to include a messy motor drive table, preferably an integrated lifting console to precisely control the height of the button bracket, so that it moves under the laser. This gesture makes it easy to mark the surface of the button.

The 3D scanning galvanometer can arbitrarily change the focus of traditional prime laser engraving. Achieve always according to the workpiece contour size diagonal engraving processing. No physical movement of the workpiece or laser marking machine can be completed.

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