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How to marking on Curved surface objects?


If you're marking the position of the outer surface of a cylindrical, conical piece, you'll need our Vertical Three-axis Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine, which adds a Z-axis rotation mechanism to the x-y plane. When the marking needle of the three-axis rotary circular metal marking machine travels in the two-dimensional surface, the z-axis drives the workpiece to rotate so as to form marking marks on the circular surface. The effect is clear and beautiful.

The Vertical Three-axis Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine is a multi-functional metal dot peen marking machine, it can also be used for hard plastic marking, can also turn off the Z axis rotation function, as a separate desktop two-dimensional marking machine.
Features of Vertical Three-axis Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine
1, the head part of the basic parts of the uniform color and precision mold casting, the machine performance is good, high motion precision;

2. The guide rail adopts imported straight line self-lubrication and self-sealing, which ensures the use of small wear, stable operation and long service life, and the marking character can be up to 1 x 1mm without deformation;

3. Air source control adopts MAC high-frequency electromagnetic valve imported from the United States, with high frequency and working life up to 200 million times;
4. Equipped with intelligent special marking software and WIN special industrial interface, it is convenient to edit the marking content directly on the computer;
5.The dot peen marking machine software is equipped with drawing function and compatible with CAD, CAXA and other software

If you have more questions about the Vertical Three-axis Pneumatic Dot peen marking machine, welcome to contact Luyue CNC Equipment Team